Vision & Road Map


Our focus is providing 'implementable' fun.

Rather than being a game that simply applies blockchain/NFT technology; we believe that our game is focused on being well-implemented while serving an element of fun by being a catalyst for Web 2 users to enter Web 3. In doing so, PHASE 1 will focus on the most important "fun of the battlefield" in MMORPG games and the "improvement of economic model and accessibility" of blockchain technology, and also expand based on the "interoperability" of Web 3 in PHASE 2.

The AVATARA team thought the cause of the problem was the structure in which the goods acquired through Web2 games were subordinated to the in-game. This is due to the value of in-game goods decreasing as the structure gets updated to provide fun to users, resulting in a value decrease for items or assets regardless of the user's choice.

In AVATARA, you can freely trade in-game items, Avatars (NFT), and even characters. This is to provide ownership of belonging items and characters that Web2 games cannot guarantee to its users. Although a part of the beginning, AVATARA will not only stay on our platform but will be together with the Web3 world.


AVATARA aims to provide gameplay that can preserve the value of in-game assets while providing enjoyment and contents to users through continuous updates.

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