Trade Market

The Trade Market is a system that enables you to trade with other users of the game. There are two major trade markets in AVATARA. A market that uses Tara, and a market that uses Ruby. In each trade market, you can have customer-to-customer transactions with other players. As such, AVATARA supports free trade more than any other MMORPG.

  • You can trade equipments, consumables, Avatars, and also characters that you’ve raised yourself.

Trade Market Rules

Trade Market(Ruby) is available for use by level 50+ characters. And Trade Market(TARA) is available for use by level 30+ characters. Only tradeable items can be listed on the market. When registering an item, it will be listed for a total of 72 hours on the trade market. Registered items will be removed from the market after 72 hours and will be returned to the player once the duration ends. Up to 10 items can be registered for sale at the same time.

Trading Fee Information

Trade registration: 10x gold of selling price (Ruby Trade Market) Trade registration: gold of selling price (TARA Trade Market) Trade sales: N% of sale amount (Ruby/TARA), (default 5%) Personal trade (registration): 50,000 gold (private transaction fee 5%)

  • Trade market fees may change according to the siege tax rate.

  • Private transactions will be registered for 24 hours.

  • Registered private transaction items will be returned to the registrant after 24 hours.

  • Up to 20 personal trades can be registered at once.

  • You will receive Ruby/TARA at the settlement of the sale item. (Excluding trade fee)

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