Rune is a system that increases the stats of all characters in the account using the essence of the rune. Depending on the concept, it is divided into the runes of destruction / protection / blessing / vitality / knowledge and can be grown up to 10 levels through enhancement and 7 levels through evolution.

Rune System Rules

Depending on the concept, the runes are destruction/protection/blessing/vitality/knowledge runes.

▷ Rune of Destruction A rune specialized for attacks. Depending on the grade, you can enhance weapon attack power (%), PVP damage increase (%), boss damage increase (%) and skill damage increase (single) (%)

▷ Rune of Protection A rune specialized for defense, depending on the grade, you can enhance armor defense increase (%), PVP damage reduction (%), boss damage reduction (%) and maximum health

▷ Rune of Blessing Character-specific runes that can enhance all stats increase (%), movement speed increase (%), critical damage reduction rate (%) and skill damage increase (wide area) (%)

▷ Rune of Vitality This rune specializes in physical strength which can enhance Max HP (%), Damage Reflection (%), Damage Reflection Rate (%) and All Defense Increase (%)

▷ Rune of Knowledge This rune specializes in recovery and combat support. Depending on the grade, it can enhance potion recovery (%), experience gain (%), skill reuse reduction (%) and HP potion recovery rate (%)

Rune Enhancement

Runes can be enhanced up to 10 times through Rune Essence. Since the essence of the rune is account-shared, it is stored in your account rather than in your bag when acquired, and you can check the type and number of runes you currently have through the rune menu. If rune enhancement fails, the rune enhancement level is maintained. When rune enhancement is successful, the enhancement level increases by 1, and stat efficiency increases.

Rune Evolution

Rune evolution is a function that raises the level of a rune, and upon successful evolution, you can strengthen new stats as well as existing stats. In Rune Evolution, you can evolve a rune whose current enhancement level is 7 or higher using the Essence of Mana, and the higher the enhancement level, the higher the success rate of evolution. Even if rune evolution fails, the rune's grade is maintained. The Essence of Mana is stored in your account rather than being stored in your bag when you acquire it, and you can check the number of Essences of Mana you currently have through the Rune Menu.

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