Equipment Enhancement

It is a system that can increase the basic ability of equipment by up to 300% by using enhancement stones as materials. Equipment enhancement can be enhanced up to 15 using equipment enhancement stones of each grade. Equipment enhancement can be enhanced with a 100% chance from 1 to 5, but from enhancement 6, if the enhancement fails, the enhancement level decreases by 1.

Equipment Enhancement System Rules

  • When acquiring equipment for the first time, the enhancement level of the equipment starts from 0.
  • To enhance equipment, you need an enhancement stone of the same grade, and 1 enhancement stone and gold are consumed per attempt.
  • Equipment enhancement stones can be commonly used for weapons and armor, and higher-grade enhancement stones can be obtained through crafting.
  • Upon successful enhancement of 11 or higher, a notice will be sent to the entire server, while accessories will be excluded from the enhancement target.
  • When combining enhanced equipment, the enhancement level is reset.
  • If equipment enhancement fails after using the equipment preservation stone, the enhancement level does not decrease, and the preservation stone disappears.
  • If the equipment is successfully enhanced after using the equipment preservation stone, the preservation stone disappears.
How to access Equipment Enhancement
Equipment Enhancement screen