The economic system of the game consists of a structure in which in-game and Web-App cycles occur. Avatars, which are the core of the game, can be staked on the Web-App to acquire TARA tokens and can be transferred to in-game and used in a way that is vital for play.

Multi-token Economic System

AVATARA has a multi-token economy system using NOX/TARA as a means to enjoy the game more vividly.

NOX Token

The platform token of AVATARA, and its use in DAO will be added later. It is also used for minting NFTs, which is the most important element in the world of AVATARA. NOX Tokens can be obtained by purchasing from Dex such as Klay Swap or by participating in certain in-game content (such as Siege).

  • NOX acquisition location may change depending on the plan at the time of update.

TARA Token

AVATARA’s main commodity and utility token. It is used for in-game character growth, item production, etc., and is also used as a currency for trading NFTs in-game. TARA can be acquired in various places such as Web-App mining and in gameplay.

  • TARA's web-app/in-game acquisition amount might be changed through the TARA mining amount and mining points for each server.

  • TARA acquired through in-game play can be converted into TARA tokens.

NOX / TARA Currency Policy

In AVATARA, you can collect utility tokens as reward from Web-app / in-game play. The utility token reward amount is partially related to the increase of the NOX price.

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