World Raid

World Raid is a co-op content that requires up to 30 players to take part and defeat the boss to obtain high rewards. Entry restrictions are applied depending on the difficulty of the World Raid.

World Raid Rules

  • World Raid will only open on specific days and times, and entrance is only possible in towns.

  • World Raid cannot be entered by parties, and up to 30 people can enter per space.

  • World Raid has a 5-minute preparation time after opening, and you must enter within that time to participate.

  • World Raid lasts for 1 hour, the raid will end when the boss is defeated or when the timer runs out.

  • Other players' character names are not displayed during World Raid, and there is no penalty in the case of death.

  • When the boss is defeated, the cumulative damage is calculated, and rewards will be distributed from 1st to 30th rankings.

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