Project Introduction


AVATARA is a free-to-play top-end action MMORPG. The game boasts a P2E system completed within the blockchain ecosystem, providing a new, higher level of entertainment like never before.

Authentic MMORPG

AVATARA is a cross-platform MMORPG that supports PC and mobile at the same time.

Inside the game, you will be able to hunt various bosses with your friends and battle to become the strongest server through “Base Battle” and “Siege Wars”. In addition, you can also freely trade items acquired from in-game and Web-App, NFTS (Avatars), and also characters that are grown or built by other players.

Minting and Mining of NFTs through Web-App

In the Web-App, you can perform functions such as minting and mining of NFTs, which are important keys to gameplay. The processes carried out in the Web-App will affect the user's in-game character.

Playstyle changes depending on NFT usage

Players can choose whether to use NFTs (aka Avatars) obtained through minting for in-game or Web-App use. You can either opt to become stronger by transferring it into the game or mine TARA Toekns with the Web-App. Avatars can be transferred between the game and the web at any time, providing a free play experience.

Notice and Disclaimer: This whitepaper will be constantly updated by the Avatara team. The objective of all changes is to improve the quality and sustainability of the project.

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