Equipment Synthesis

The equipment combination system is a system that combines the options of two kinds of equipment (weapon, armor) by using the same part of equipment or forge stone as a material after the equipment level has been raised to the maximum The key is to select the options that suit your class best by using the material of the option you want.

Equipment Synthesis Rules

  • To combine equipment, the equipment level must be 30.

  • In order to combine Normal to Rare grade equipment, the same equipment grade and equipment of the same part are required, and material equipment items and gold are consumed for one attempt.

  • To combine Epic to Legend equipment, you need a higher-grade forge stone, and each attempt consumes equipment forge stones and gold.

  • There is a set forge stone that can be used for each kind of equipment.

  • Legend-grade forge stones have special activation skills depending on conditions.

  • Upon successful synthesis of ancient grade or higher equipment, the information is announced throughout the server.

  • Once successfully combined, the new equipment enhancement will be reset to 0.

Maximum number of options per grade

GradeMaximum number of options


Max options of 3


Max options of 4


Max options of 5


Max options of 6


Max options of 6 and 1 special trigger skill

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