Field Hunting

Properties of Each Region

▷ Vida A city built by those who survived the war with Shadows in the past. HP/MP is continuously restored here, and no combat is allowed.

▷ General Area This is an area where combat between players is impossible, so you may focus solely on hunting. You will not be able to acquire TARA in this area.

▷ PvP Area An area where you can battle with other players. TARA can be acquired here, but there is a limit on the amount of TARA that all users can acquire on a per-day basis for each region. The daily limit is reset at a certain time every day, and the acquisition limit for servers with intense competition can be increased/decreased according to the distribution of the top players in each server.

▷ Dungeon Although not displayed on the portal on the map, there are dungeons that can be entered by foot in each area. Dungeons have relatively strong monsters, but the rewards are much higher than the normal areas of the same level. General teleportation is not possible within a dungeon. To teleport in a dungeon, one must make use of a movement spell or a portal stone.

▷ Instance Dungeon This type of dungeon has one free daily entry, but admission tickets are required for additional entries. In this area, you will be able to intensively acquire gold, growth stones, crystals, and experience points.

▷ Elemental Dungeon A dungeon where rewards will be obtained for clearing each floor, where rewards can be obtained according to the success of each floor.

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