The core NFT in AVATARA is Avatars. Avatars can be obtained through minting on the Web-App page, and the better the avatar, the higher the value is provided to the user.

Oracle system is applied in AVATAR minting. Regardless of the increase/decrease in the Value of NOX, you can process minting with a fixed $ amount.

  • 1 Mint = $ 12

  • Maximum NFT holdings = 1,000

< Probability of Avatar Web-App Minting by Rarity>

  • The probability table above is the probability for each grade of the normal minting ticket.

  • Myth grade cannot be obtained through minting, and can only be obtained through in-game synthesis of legendary grades.

  • Prices of 1 MINT may change to maintain a healthy ecosystem. In the case of a price change- we will surely inform you in advance through our various channels.


Avatar NFTs have three stats: power, speed, and stamina, and each stat is set differently depending on the type of NFT.

< How Stats Affect Mining >

  • Mining rewards consist of TARA tokens and items.

  • Mining reward amount is determined by "Mining amount (Mining Point x (POWER stat ± Mining Grade Point)) x (VIP bonus+1) x 0.1".

  • Mining Grade Point changes depending on the amount of NFT held by grade and the status of mining.

  • The final mining result amount of TARA will be determined by "basic tax (10%) - (tax reduction constant * NFT Stamina stat / maximum Stamina stat)".

  • Avatar has separate stats that affect the character's stats and the amount of TARA mined in-game. (※ Refer to Avatar and Emblem)


Acquired NFTs can be dismantled on the dismantle screen of the Web-App. The number of Minting Tickets obtained will change depending on the grade of the NFT being disassembled.

< Avatar Disassembly Details >

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