World View

World View

The world of "Moras" is made up of a resource with infinite power called "TARA."

Each group endlessly fought according to their own beliefs in goals to win TARA. One fine day, the player is brought to the world of Moras without knowing the reason why. At the moment of crisis, he is attacked by the shadows that appear right in front of the player, he then suddenly transforms into another being (Avatar) along with strong powers using Tara to defeat the enemies.

The player transforms into another being with stronger power and embarks on an adventure to escape from this world he fell into.


▷ Moras World A world where beings who were summoned live without the reason of their existence, they also go by "those who have forgotten the precious meaning of life.

▷ Human World In a world where human civilization exists, beings consist of soldiers, warriors, and mercenaries. Those who thrive here are as proficient in combat as to beings of a different world.

▷ Dagra World A harmonic world where the magic-using people of Dagra coexist with nature.


▷ TARA An energy resource in the world of Moras. Humans and Dagras living in Moras use TARA to become physically strong while obtaining mechanical powers. As a source of energy, Shadows eat the hearts of Dagras and Humans, which will then turn into TARA. The only way to obtain TARA is to slay Shadows.

▷ Circle of TARA Humans and Dagras may obtain TARA by eliminating Shadows. Shadows, on the other hand, absorb the hearts of Dagras and Humans and turn them into TARA. This is the truth and cycle of the world of TARA.

▷ Avatar By refining high-grade TARA, you can use it to transform into a representative of God which exists in the world of Moras. It is a special ability used by a few- and is either an innate talent or obtained through special training.

▷ Dagra The people of Dagra have blue skin and pointed ears. With their excellent language skills, they made use of the human language firsthand and were able to communicate with each other.

▷ Second Visitor Refers to those who tried escaping Moras and eventually returned. Because of their rich experience in the Moras World, they are often found in important positions in Unions or in a village.

▷ Shadow A monster created by Ulkan with "Forgotten Precious Things". Humans and Dagras can return to their own world by defeating a Shadow who carries "Forgotten Precious Things".

▷ Ulkan The King of Shadows, also the boss of Moras World. The being who creates shadows by utilizing "Forgotten Precious Things" of "Those Who Forgot Precious Things While Living". If Ulkan dies, all shadows will be die along with him, vanquishing all visitors of Moras.

▷ Entar Refers to the children born by the visitors of Moras World. Because they were born in Moras, they can exist only in Moras. This is the reason why in the eyes of visitors from other worlds, they feel like fictional beings that cannot exist in their own world, so they do not agree on acknowledging them.

▷ Union In Moras, three Unions are building up their forces. A Union is a consensus of groups of people. Each Union has their own differences.

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