Class Introduction


There are a total of 4 available starting classes in the game, all classes may advance to either two choices when they turn level 50. You can acquire new passive skills that match the characteristics of the class you have changed. The job of the 2nd class can be changed freely at any time.

▷ Knight Knights are a class that excels in close-range combat due to their strong physical strengths and defenses.

▷ Archer Archers take advantage in battle by using their long attack range to hit and run with fast attack speed.

▷ Mage Mages make use of powerful magic attacks to harass and debuff enemies in multiplayer combat.

▷ Rogue Stealthy rogues infiltrate from behind to swiftly execute their enemies. During the stealth, their allies nor enemies cannot see their player names.


In AVATARA, there are a total of 6 stats. Stats points are given to your character each time they level up. Stats will make your character stronger by distributing them accordingly to the class you are using.

▷ STR Physical Attack (Melee) / Physical Defense / Bag Weight / Hit

▷ DEX Physical Attack (Ranged) / Hit / Physical Attack Penetration

▷ INT Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Magic Attack Penetration

▷ VIT Physical Defense / Magic Defense / Max HP / Bag Weight

▷ AGI Physical Attack (Melee) / Physical Attack (Ranged) / Evasion / Hit

▷ WIS Magic Attack / Magic Defense / Magic Resistance Rate / Max MP

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