AVATARA has a transfer function between Web-App and in-game, and you can freely trade according to the way you play.

Web-App to In-GAME

NFTs obtained from Web-App can be transferred to in-game at any time. You can choose whether to mine with your NFTs in the Web-App or equip them with characters in-game for farming with stronger characters.


Through the in-game trade market, TARA trade market, users can exchange their NFTs and items with other users. For trading goods, Ruby/TARA is used for each market.

In-GAME to Web-App

The NFT used in the game can be transferred to the Web-App at any time. Through this, you can proceed with in-game farming when playing games, and when you do not have much time to play the game, you can transfer them to the Web-App for convenient mining.

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