Avatar and Emblem

Along with appearance changes, Avatars provide the user with additional abilities. Avatars are divided into two types: [Avatar] and [Emblem]. [Avatar] can be obtained through minting in the Web-App, while [Emblem] can be obtained in-game.

Avatar and Emblem Rules

  • Avatars can be trade through the TARA trade market, and Avatars can be used through the Web-App and in-game.
  • Avatars and Emblems can be used by all characters of your account.
  • You can check Avatars and Emblems you acquired through the Avatar bag. You can also equip or unequip Avatars at any time.
  • There are 7 total grades of Avatars.
  • Similar to equipment, synthesis is possible by registering 2 Avatars or Emblems of the same grade. Once synthesis is successful, you can obtain an Avatar/Emblem of a higher grade. If synthesis fails, you will randomly acquire an Avatar/Emblem of the same grade. [Myth] Avatars cannot be obtained through minting and can only be acquired through synthesis.
  • You can register Avatars and Emblems in the encyclopedia, once you register both the Emblem and Avatar that make up a set, you will receive a registration effect. In this case, the Avatar and Emblem used for registration will be destroyed.
  • Additional set effects can be achieved by wearing the Avatar and Emblem that make up the set.
  • With an [Avatar], there is an option to increase the daily TARA acquisition limit in-game. (Excluding Avatars with a fixed duration)
  • [Avatar] and [Emblem] both have additional TARA acquisition options. (Excluding Avatars and Emblems with a fixed duration)
  • Additional TARA acquisition options will be applied based on the equipped Avatar, Emblem, and Set options.
  • The amount of daily obtainable TARA is the total sum of all TARA acquisition limit options of your entire Avatars and Emblems in your inventory.
  • The amount of TARA daily acquisition limit is updated to the maximum value every 18:00 (UTC+9) daily. When an Avatar is acquired, the new maximum daily TARA acquisition limit will be applied the following 18:00 (UTC+9). Also, the daily acquisition limit which was renewed at 18:00 (UTC+9) will remain until 18:00 (UTC+9) the next day.
How to access Avatar
Avatar screen